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Figured this out. This process should work for any shapefile held in a Postgis database, and will put it in a format that can then be plotted as a polygon in Tableau directly from the database; no mucking about importing or exporting stuff. It will create a new table containing the data in the shapefile in a format thats usable by Tableau. The more ...


I was going to say this has already been done, but @juturna and @owenboswarva beat me to it. If you do want to go ahead and do this your own way, it sounds like geocoding is the way forward. There should be enough here and here to get you started.


I work with Put Gauges on the layout Transfer data in real time with JSON full rest


Since I found the data I was looking for, here I report the links I found more useful. The following links contains connections to free landuse shapefile data for UK landuse: Landuse data from the CORINE project, updated 2012; the data available from this website cover ALL the GB area, but they have a lower definition in comparison to the third link I list ...


OS Code-Point Open is probably the best you will get for free, and should provide you with all the data you need.


The UK Data Service: Census Support host UK administrative geography shapefiles that can be downloaded directly through their Easy Download service. In an Rmd file to download and load parishes it can be as easy as inserting the following code into an appropriate chunk: if (dir.exists("parishes") == FALSE) { dir.create("parishes") } ...

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