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For image layers, you can set a bigger buffer around the viewport. This is done on the source and works for ol.source.ImageWMS and ol.source.ImageMapGuide: new ol.source.ImageWMS({ // ... ratio: 2 }) The default is 1.5, and with a ratio setting of 2 you can pan the map from edge to edge without seeing the edge of the layer image.


To avoid the blank areas on tiles you can set these options on ol.Map constructor: var map = new ol.Map({ //.... loadTilesWhileAnimating: true, loadTilesWhileInteracting: true, //.... }); And another setting that helps is preload option on layer constructor: var hereLayer = new ol.layer.Tile({ preload: Infinity, source: new ...


Found the solution, though I have no idea why it works. The code works if I move edit.startOperation() and edit.stopOperation() inside the loop: # Open an edit session and attempt to find all the regions in updated_rid_dict edit = arcpy.da.Editor([path to my data]) edit.startEditing(False, False) with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor(bad_geometry_shape, ...

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