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if IPolyLine was used. you have to only set zAware to true to solve this problem. Dim newSegCollection As ISegmentCollection = New Polyline Dim zAware As IZAware = CType(newSegCollection, IZAware) zAware.ZAware = True then you can set z for FromPoint and ToPoint for each line in your IPolyLine shape. and if you want to set same z for all lines in ...


You might try settings a WHERE clause on your Search Cursor instead. So, something like: for x in range(9, 176): query = '"Unique_ID" = {0}'.format(x) with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(geodatabase + "/ServicesforMosaic", fields, query) as scursor: for rw in scursor: with ...


also, the original error, I believe is indicating that setNull is not a method for arcpy.da.UpdateCursor, but it is a method for arcpy.UpdateCursor (no "da").


Here is the working code updating one of two dictionaries based on common keys: Mesh_dict={} Point_dict={} Mesh = open (r'short3.txt','r+') for row in Mesh: # extract lines describing one type of geometry if row.startswith('ND'): Inline= row.split() IDM = Inline[1] ZM = Inline[4] # actualise the dictionary of original data ...

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