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I have all major versions since 1.8.0 Lisboa running on the same computer, without any interfering. It just might be that older versions do not work with current plugins, since these are not stored separately as the binaries are, but all together in your user/.qgis2 folder. You can double-click the .../apps/qgis/bin/qgis.reg file to tell the registry which ...


Although the other answers provide useful information, I'm adding my own anser to address specifically the question of the install location: Major QGIS versions installed via standalone installer on Windows are identified as separate programs (e.g. QGIS Essen, not just QGIS), so they should not be overwritten/updated in-place. (While the program would ...


You sure you have pgrouting 2.2.0 installed, you might have a newer or older. If you do: ALTER EXTENSION pgrouting UPDATE; It will update to latest version you have installed. Alternatively you could just drop and recreate. It will warn if you have dependencies on pgrouting and won't allow drop.


Change updatecursor.UpdateRow(row) to updatecursor.updateRow(row) The U is lowercase. Also, check the following statement: row[i] = total_height[i] this should probably be row[0] = total_height[i] since you want to reference and update the first ...

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