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The function used in UpdateGeometrySRID is st_setsrid instead of st_transform. st_setsrid just sets the srid value without changing the coordinates. Since there is no function for looping tables to transform projection in PostGIS according to updateGeometrySRID function. I suggest you to write a script in python to execute it: Firstly execute to get the ...


I know it is dated in May but if you don't reproject it to UTM NAD 83, then your ArcMap will run very slowly !! so if you reproject then it will run smoothly and I agree with Christina as well.


You should always check the ArcScript (now called ArcGIS Code Sharing) website for an Esri based solution as there are many free community created tools, often just the thing you need. It took next to no time to find the following tool Create Points on Lines


For the transform, you need to turn the 1D arrays on Lon, lat into a 2D grid: lon_grid, lat_grid = numpy.meshgrid(lons, lats)

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