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Sorry. Some days without inet. So: reprojection into latlong (epsg 4326) or something adequate for the region's extent (otherwise it looks like Kandinsky), mosaic, reprojection to put favorite projection here and finally do your tiling. Enjoy.


First, let's confirm what you already seem to know: If there are two different UTM zones, there are effectively two different coordinate reference systems (CRS), and distances between points across the zones cannot be calculated. So, you must do one of these first: Convert -- or reproject, as it's often called -- one point into the other UTM zone. Or... ...


I think you need to approach this by thinking about the precision in cell or grid sizes. For instance 4QFJ 12345 67890 .......precision level 1 m would give you a 1m x1m cell within a grid. So I believe that both these coordinates 4QFJ 1234 6789 to 4QFJ 1230 6785 will give you a cell that is 10m x 10m. If you are after 50m* 50m blocks then the format you ...

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