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Try this syntax: topoError = eErrorFeat.Next Do While Not (topoError Is Nothing) topologyExt.AddActiveError(topoError, esriTEEventHint.esriTENone) topoError = eErrorFeat.Next Loop You may want to confirm that eErrorFeat is not actually Nothing?


Sorry I put this as an answer, this is to make the code easy to read. I have modified my code based on Hornbydd's help, unfortunately I still cannot get what I want. Now I can successfully select the features only in the desired layer, but still failed to get the field value of selected feature, the code cause error, also cause ArcMap crash. The following ...


I think you are making this more difficult than it has to be. You are obtaining your selected features from IMap.FeatureSelection. So multiple layers could return a selection. A much better way is to get a handle on your ILayer, cast that into an IFeatureLayer then point an IFeatureSelection interface to IFeatureLayer. From this you can get an ...

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