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Figured it out seconds after posting, you need to specify a colour using the Color.FromArgb method making sure you specify the desired alpha transparency then the base colour i.e. mpl.Symbolizer = New DotSpatial.Symbology.PolygonSymbolizer(Color.FromArgb(50,Color.Blue), Color.Black)


I just wanted to post my final working code: '--Check For Point Layer In Editing If Not map Is Nothing Then '--Loop through all of the map layers to find the desired one Dim enumLayer As IEnumLayer = map.Layers(Nothing, True) enumLayer.Reset() Dim currentLayer As ILayer = enumLayer.Next() Do Until currentLayer Is Nothing If ...


To find the name of the dataset as stored in the database use IDataset.BrowseName. IDataset.Name will give you the layer name as it is named in ArcMap. You should also test that the layer can be cast to IDataset: If TypeOf currentLayer Is IDataset Then... Things like group layers don't implement IDataset, and will cause an error.


Custom snap agents only apply to the classic snapping environment. You can choose the snapping environment through the editor options dialog or by setting the IEditProperties4.ClassicSnapping property.

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