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I know that's an old question and it might have been answered elsewhere. However, if you need to edit footprints shapes and attributes or boundaries shapes and attributes in mosaic dataset, you need to register those objects as versioned using the register as versioned tool. It works for me at 10.2.1, but I suspect it works in older versions too.


You don't need to worry about this. Working with the checked out geodatabase is not different than working with a non versionned data: all the work is on the side of the default version. What you need to care about is to make sure that you don't have a conflict between your ArcGIS release and the one where the data comes from (see here). If you version is ...


I don't understand exactly what you're asking. Read this to learn about the different replication types: http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/main/10.1/index.html#/Replication_types/003n000000t6000000/ A checkout will either be a personal or file geodatabase. It should look and feel the same as editing from an SDE database. It's just a copy of the SDE data ...


If you are editing a check-out database and reconciling to SDE, in your disconnected edit tools there is 'Export to Delta' this (from memory) has a table of the deleted records and a feature class of the added records. Modified features occur in the delete table and in the adds feature class. Deleted records occur only in the delete table. Added records ...


Unversioning removes the A and D tables associated with a single versioned feature class. Any edits not reconciled and posted to the base table will be lost, which appears to be your goal.

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