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Awesome answer! Wrapping up those code snippets into a SQL agent job or a SSRS report that shows the lineage stats daily, or fires an email when they pass a certain value, would make for a great maintenance plan!


Both select by attribute and field calculator are very slow. Moreover I found that calculator expressions aren’t easy to build. This is why I am suggesting to use da.UpdateCursor with sql_clause to split dataset in groups and to modify field(s) values. BTW FIDset changes automatically, no need to re-describe FeatureLayer every time


Yes, you can publish this tool so it can reconcile versions that are created dynamically. You need to add a couple other tools to the model though. Most of the tool parameters can/should be model parameters, this will give you the most flexibility. You should not use a parameter for the sde connection since this will be a connection on the server. The ...


The Incremental Network Loader tool works for file geodatabases and personal SDE instances, but appears to have a bug for loading into SDE's, default or version. We're reporting this bug to ESRI. Alternatively, I found two other methods for accomplishing the data load into my SDE version: 1) Append Tool - quick and new features were snapped to the ...

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