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I usually print to PDF using CutePDF Writer and then I can search the tree using acrobat reader search command (CTRL + F).


Set up Enterprise Geodatabase The Create Enterprise Geodatabase tool creates a database, storage locations, and a database user to be used as the geodatabase administrator and owner of the geodatabase depending on the database management system (DBMS) used. It grants the geodatabase administrator privileges required to create a geodatabase, then ...


For apps I've been involved with, we use secured Feature Services (with the accounts used to secure the services coming from Active Directory - these are different than the accounts used to secure the ArcSDE layers in the geodatabase), in conjunction with a Proxy application, to control access to editable layers. An alternative to the Proxy application is to ...


I have found that if you use the reconcile versions tool from the data management tool box, you can reconcile versions without being in an edit session. You can just drag your database connection in to the Input DB connection. Perhaps that may be an alternative solutions to what you are looking for?


In many ways, I am actually glad ESRI did not overhaul the entire Geoprocessing Framework and Modelbuilder with the transition to ArcGIS Pro. There are many (research) organizations who invested heavily in building giant custom models that would undoubtedly need a complete overhaul if ESRI had broken compatibility. As with the transition to Python / ...


Don't know what will happen, I've never used ArcSDE. But you can check the state of the Editor using IEditor.EditState property and use that to stop your addin launching what ever code it was going to do?

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