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You can achieve this without timely computations of viewshed. SUGGESTED WORKFLOW: Add geometry attributes and id’s to both houses (70 total) and towers (40 total): Spatially join towers to nodes (one to many, massive search radius) and concatenate their names into field FROMTO: Convert first couple of XY into points Convert second couple of XY into ...


Do you have any Python skills or Model Builder Skills? If not, now is a good time to learn because this is a great problem to solve with Python or Model Builder Iterators. Your labor will be worth the effort since you will end up with a reusable tool. Those wind farm folks change those tower location often! With looping, you will only need set the path to ...


If you were to convert your buffers to points (points along the perimeter) using the Feature Vertices to points tool, create the viewshed raster for each point, then use raster math to add all the rasters together, you would have a raster where the highest value is "visible", lower values are "partially visible", and 0 would be "not visible". Or you could ...


You could use the vertices of the polygons as points and then mosaic the resulting viewsheds.

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