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I think you are going to be stuck with running Viewshed per point, unfortunately. Since the area-visible changes for each unique point's perspective, it needs to be calculated for each unique point. The visible area process (extracting cell count, or even an areal measurement) can be scripted and/or assembled in ModelBuilder, which saves you the trouble of ...


I believe you're looking for Mosaic to New Raster in the Raster toolset. It may take some fiddling depending on how well adjacent DEMs overlap/line up. If you're running into file download limits at 2GB, you may also end up running into a problem with your output raster being too large depending how many pieces you have to combine. This may require piecing ...


based on your table, the field name for the height above ground should be modified : it has to be OFFSETA . Z is not recognized as an elevation value by the tools.

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