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The Viewshed tool uses a single DEM as input. @MappaGnosis explains clearly that you must decide whether a DSM, DTM or a combination of the two is best for your input DEM. By default, the observers eyes are at DEM + 1 (default OFFSET A = 1). So, yes, if you use the DSM as your input DEM and specify nothing else the observers eyes will be one meter above the ...


Your choice of DSM vs DTM will depend on whether there is best-practice guidance or regulations governing the planning process for which you are performing the calculation. For instance, Viewshed Analysis for planning in the UK, especially for windfarms, requires that you use DTM data (and specifically Ordnance Survey data). Analysis with DSM may be used ...


Using a DSM is pretty much required for viewshed analysis. If you use a DTM, then many obstructing objects will have been removed. However, as you yourself noted, Offset A/B is somewhat tricky, but this can be either completely ignored, or the analysis can be run with different values for Offset A/B, and then combined with a land-use model. This will allow ...


Sounds like you want to label your streets layer to show the street names. You can do this by right-clicking the layer > Layer Properties > Labels, then select the attribute field which contains the names: Hope this helps!

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