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I don't know why "Feature to Raster" doesn't work, but found out that "Point to Raster" does! I just used my Shape-Layer as in-feature, the height as value field, MEAN for cell_assignment (That's the one for DEMs, right!?) and my wanted cellsize. Maybe this will help anyone in the future... :)


What I found out: It works, when I create a new base layer and set the parameter layer_gesamt.isBaseLayer = false.


You are setting the Visibility BEFORE you add the layer to the Map so it has no effect .... Try this .. layer_gesamt = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS( "Geoserver layers - Tiled", "http://mygeoserver/xyz/wms", { LAYERS: 'myLayer', STYLES: '', format: 'image/png', transparent: ...


You appear to be trying to turn off/on Layer Visibility in GeoWebCache which is integrated with GeoWebServer. Geowebcache is used for caching tiles to improve speed, not controlling layer visibility There are two ways to handle layer visibility Style the Layer using SLD in GEoserver, using<MinScaleDenominator></MinScaleDenominator> and ...

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