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You could use the iface.mapCanvas().layers() method, which gives you only the checked layers in the ToC, i.e., no need to iterate through all map layers. You should then iterate through checked layers to evaluate if their scale-based visibility contains the current map scale, like this: canvas = iface.mapCanvas() for layer in canvas.layers(): if ...


The best way is to use viewshed (observer point does not seem necessary based on you question, except if you want to know which spire can see which WTG). First you determine the locations where you could see your WTG (viewshed of the spires), then you use "extract multivalue to point" to transfer this information from the resulting raster to each WTG point. ...


Here is a list of all of the Keyboard Shortcuts and Tips that is provided with ArcGIS for Desktop. It looks like pressing spacebar while you have the layer selected will turn it off, and then pressing it again will turn it back on. This way you are free to roam the map and toggle the layer.

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