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I am slowly working on a gdal app that calculates viewshed with an eye on performance. It is still in development, and no where near done, but it may be useful. It'd actually be nice to have some input, as I just did it for fun. You can find it on my github account(see below). The nearest neighbor sampling is pretty much a joke, but it's fast. Linear is ...


I had to do something rather like this for my masters thesis, but with much fewer observer and target points. I'm not aware of a reasonable way to create a complete raster of "visible area," at least not one that wouldn't take a long time. Repeatedly running Viewshed, once for each centroid of the raster's cells, would certainly work... but as you've, ...


In ArcGIS you can use the Viewshed tool (Spatial Analyst Tools > Surface). The Viewshed lets you calculate the surface locations visible to a set of points or lines (see the documentation).


Visit maxScale or minScale dont working in vector (from wfs) layer for a similiar question. maxScale:50000, minScale:25000 should be changed to: maxScale: 1/25000, minScale: 1/50000

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