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Yes, things can seem a bit complicated. However, I can confirm that developing add-ins works with ArcGIS 10.3 and Visual Studio 2013. I haven't tried 2015, but I don't expect it to work, because it came out after ArcGIS 10.3. Some people are having issues debugging in Visual Studio 2013, but for me it eventually worked. The ArcObjects SDK for the ...


I don't know why ArcGIS Runtime for .NET sdk is so confusing for many people. ArcGIS Runtime for .NET sdk is a standalone sdk to develope standalone enterprise applications. see: .Net sdk for ArcGIS v10.2.2 Using .NET Runtime SDK or .NET ArcObjects? What's the difference between ArcGIS .NET SDK and ArcObjects? However to develop ArcGIS Desktop Addins ...

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