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Add a new field called "class" of type string to your attribute table. Right-click on the "class" column header and choose "Field Calculator." Check "Python" instead of "VB Script," and check "Show code block." (I'm going to assume your gdp field is called "gdp", and your tweet-percent field is called "percent".) Enter this code in the code block: gdptag = ...


You can (ab-)use the TimeManager plugin for this by making it output each frame of its animation as image. If your data has no time values, just fake them by incrementing an integer.


Maybe you'd be better off doing a spatial join the other way around? Not sure I understand what you mean by "more data". More columns of attributes or more records/features?


This sounds like you are now working with polygons, or that there was some glitch in the CartoDB UI. For polygons, only the wizards that you mention are available, which means that Torque cannot be applied for polygons. You may need to check the geometry types that you have in your table, for example by using: SELECT distinct(ST_GeometryType(the_geom)) ...

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