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Although I've not looked at any leaflet plugins the that might make your life easier, you could typically carry out a WFS request to query the data and filter by an attribute which is what you're doing here. I'd look into GetFeature requests


I think your question makes no sense or is unclear. You do not state why you want to put your home adress/ name in Google Maps. Don't think that there is a attribute for "Home of sudip mondal". Google Maps are not the yellow pages. Only "relevant" information like businesses, doctors etc. are shown there. If you have a business use the Google Maps Map ...


This is my attempt for a query that should create parts of trips, splitted at jumps of about 100 m. CREATE TABLE trip_geom_parts ( trip_id integer NOT NULL, part_id integer NOT NULL, start timestamp without time zone, stop timestamp without time zone, geom geometry(linestring, 4326), PRIMARY KEY (trip_id, part_id)); CREATE TEMPORARY ...


Create an Ext.toolbar.TextItem and create your OpenLayers MousePosition-Control in the render-Event of the TextItem, so you can pass the TextItems's Div to the Control. Like this: Ext.create('Ext.toolbar.TextItem', { listeners: { render: function(textitem) { var ctrl = new OpenLayers.Control.MousePosition(); ctrl.div = ...

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