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You do not necessarily need to draw a map if you are working with an entered zip code. Turf.js which was made for working with JavaScript mapping however could be really useful. The aggregate function could be helpful you here if you can use the counterpoints of counties. You could also use polygons, but it will be more complicated. Simply using center ...


I suggest you to have a look at: OpenStreetMap ( which provide open maps, as an alternative of Google Maps tiles. OpenLayers ( or Leaflet ( which are open source javascript mapping APIs. They both provide facilities for working with OSM data, or other map providers. They also come with ...


MangoMap has that feature out of the box. Here's a map that demonstrates the tool: Disclaimer: I'm a founder of Mango ;-)


Yes, you can use layer.bringToFront() and layer.bringToBack() methods of leaflet. See the docs here.

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