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What database platform is the ArcSDE database hosted on ? Using Oracle and SDO_GEOMETRY as the data type this could work with the workflow below, but you need to take over management of the layer yourself rather than letting ArcSDE do this for you otherwise ArcSDE will get confused by the direct updates to the business table. As suggested by @ujjwalesri ...


The free usage tier for RDS does include 750 hours of usage per month, but it's for single-AZ Micro instance hours, not any of the larger instances. The micro instance normally costs $0.025/hour. The included storage is single-AZ without provisioned IOPs. The AWS web site is pretty clear on what is included in the free tier. If you haven't tried contacting ...


Something like: Coordinate[] coords = geometry.getCoordinates(); StringBuilder out = new StringBuilder(); out.append("coordinates="); boolean start = true; for(Coordinate c: coords) { if(!start){ out.append(","); }else{ start=false; } out.append(c.x+","+c.y); }

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