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According to the documentation, the token must go in the header, not the url: An example using curl: curl -H "token:<token>" url An example using jQuery: $.ajax({ url:<url>, data:{<data>}, headers:{ token:<token> } }) Example url: ...


Have a look at my restapi package on GitHub. I have a class for a GpTask. Here's a snippet from my samples page on how to run a GP task (note, not all the tests work right now due to changes to some of the servers, but the GP sample does work): import restapi # Test Geoprocessing Service gp_url = ...


Ok, a really friendly api is leaflet. Its really easy to learn, has lots of plugins, including showing chart on maps plugins (check out DataViz plugins) So, if i were you i would check Leaflet first.


In case anyone's trying to do this with PowerShell, here's an example: $postparms =@{token="KkZJFCuahOZOxJFPaThisIsntAToken"} Invoke-Restmethod -uri http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cdo-web/api/v2/datasets -headers $postparms

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