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Check this out, they have samples on the "try now page". No limits on size, LiDAR and other xyz data types in the web browser, with no plugins and polished WebRTC collaboration. This company has been privately virtualizing substations for big energy companies building this software out for over three years, and then they added this LiDAR steaming service ...


Also view Cartoview http://www.cartologic.com/cartoview, it is not an alternative to a GIS server platform, for simple GIS Data sharing you can utilize the tiles and feature service apps, the feature service app is compatible with ArcGIS Server REST API which will make your maps available in ArcGIS online


We've had great luck with a product called Visual Fusion made by IDV solutions. Especially if your shop invests in SharePoint it's worth a look. The product has a variety of data connectors and can also can extend SharePoint content to the map. Drag / Drop of layers, built in security framework (w/SharePoint).

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