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when you add a point with new OpenLayers.Control.DrawFeature(wfs, OpenLayers.Handler.Point), by default feature state set to "Insert" but when you add a point with vectorLayer.addFeatures() command, the feature state is null. when OpenLayers wants to save change, it see to the state of the feature, and you have to set the added feature state to ...


I use GeoServer in OpenGeo Suite 4.1. In this package, the "Service access rules list" page has a rule that only "ADMIN" roles have permission for WFS-Transaction. wfs.Transation --> ADMIN You must delete this rule.


WFS-T does not support such conditional transactions. Filters are used for selecting features which are fetched by GetFeature and they have the same effect as using WHERE in the SELECT statement in SQL. For reaching what you want you must do some additional operation either on the client of PostGIS side, or both. Here are some suggestions: On the client ...

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