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I've been trying against a Geoserver / Windows server 2003 installation, and it works. Doesn't work when it's a Geoserver / Centos Installation. With Udig WFS-T updates against a Geoserver / Centos are commited. Please also refer to: QGIS WFS Error - Could not commit changes to layer


I've stumbled upon a very similar situation, so I'll add the information I have here with the hopes of contributing to a solution. My setup: On a Debian linux server: PostGIS 2.0/PostgreSQL 8.4 GeoServer 2.4.0 On Windows 7 x64: QGIS 2.6.0-Brighton For testing purposes I'm trying to edit (tried both insert and delete) the demo layer tiger:poi in ...


I had the same problem, suffered with it quite a lot. For me this was the problem: the GeoServer was running under Windows. With Lubuntu (OSGeoLive VirtualBox) there was no errors with WFS editing. So: GeoServer: Linux, QGIS: Windows && Linux

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