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Sorry for the late reply but there is also the leaflet-vector-layers plugin which has support for postGIS services http://jasonsanford.github.io/leaflet-vector-layers/demos/postgis-restful-web-service-framework/ By the looks of it you can filter the service. I've used this plugin for ArcGIS services and it's been really good. Hope that helps, Rowan


The quickest way to do this is https://mangomap.com, you should be able to get the whole thing set up in about 10 minutes without writing a single line of code. I'm the CEO, just give me a ping on chris@mangomap.com if you have any questions.


Ok, my assumptions in 2 were incorrect. You can use mapbox.js. The end result will be a bit different, I believe - the markers themselves will be a static raster layer, but they'll be clickable. The spec that makes large scale interactivity work is https://github.com/mapbox/utfgrid-spec It's implemented clientside in ...


I'm not sure this is the appropriate answer, but I wanted to point out that setting up the proxying in nginx is very easy. Let's say Geoserver is running on port 8080, and your web server (nginx) is running on port 80. It's as simple as adding: location /geoserver { proxy_set_header Host $http_host; proxy_pass; } to your ...

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