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First you have to be sure such data importing into OSM would be legal. Judging from this thread, I would say no: http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=7076 Wikimapia is essentially derived from Google aerial imagery, so steer clear. Furthermore the license terms stipulate non-commercial use.


The API can return KML, so you just need to do queries such as: Search queries (this one is probably the most relevant to what you need): http://api.wikimapia.org/?function=search&q=bus&key=YOUR_API_KEY&format=kml BBox queries: ...


You can use the wikimapia API http://wikimapia.org/api/ Specifically, you can use the API box to get the data from the category such as 'Schools' as KML http://wikimapia.org/wiki/API_box


By a look at the wiki for API box I think you need to change your code either to (replace key and the coordinates with your own of course): http://api.wikimapia.org/?function=box&bbox=37.617188,55.677586,37.70507,55.7271128format=kml&key=KEY or ...


Wikimapia has an API which you can use to export to KML. You can export using: Search queries : http://api.wikimapia.org/?function=search&q=bus&key=YOUR_API_KEY&format=kml BBox queries: http://api.wikimapia.org/?function=box&bbox=37.617188,55.677586,37.70507,55.7271128&key=YOUR_API_KEY&format=kml


The solution is to use category=5339 (instead of category=quarters) in your URL. http://api.wikimapia.org/?function=box&key=insert_key_here&lon_min=9.05&lat_min=45.38&lon_max=9.28&lat_max=45.54&format=kml&count=1000&category=5339 This list of Wikimapia categories definitely helped out (thanks @LarsVegas). Searching for the ...


Make sure all maps have an API first! Then what you need are event listeners, especially for the dragstart, drag and dragend events. (These are from Google Maps API v3) If you declare an event listener for an event, say for the drag event, there is an object returned in the function. Again, in google maps api v3 it is the event object, which has the latLng ...

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