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The installer in GeoServer versions <2.6 has an issue with Windows 7 which makes installation into "Program files" or "Program files(x86)" to fail because Win 7 requires elevated privileges for those directories and the old installer does not take care of that. The installer in GeoServer 2.6 is fixed to raise the privileges and installation into Program ...


As for my personal research and my to my personal work, I have found that this formula: MOD("Elevation", 50)=0 was the only one that probed to work: http://prntscr.com/4nd5v8 But it was @WhiteboxDev idea modification the main reason to find the answer so I'll give him the answer simbol, but is the way I did the way I found an answer to my issue.


You could select the contour features where the elevation attribute satisfies this condition: Elev % 50 == 0 And save the selected features into a new shapefile. The % operator is the modulo and it returns the remainder from a division. You are essentially selecting the contours that are intervals of 50 m.


I'll suggest that you contact ESRI Support services. This problem is due to the License Server noticing the change of time. It is done to prevent people form using the software beyond the license period. They will probably give you a new license file.

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