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For this case. I was trying to build qgis in a Windows 64bit machine. Because of the non compatibility of OSGEO libraries and qgis source, I wasn't able to build the qgis binary from the source. Then i decided to run the build in a windows 32bit machine and it was successfully done.


The "paths" they are referring to are the program executables (*.exe) for your system, as mentioned in step 4. For example, if you are using 7-zip for unzipping data, you would replace: <unzip_command> with "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z.exe" in the SELECT portion of the SQL statement. You could make this easier by creating SQL variables ...


I agree with you that the instructions in this step are unclear. My interpretation is that you run this command, then edit the value of the declare_sect column in the loader_platform table that's created by the command. The value of the declare_sect column rows should be the path to the os commands listed (e.g. pg, unzip, etc...).


The installer in GeoServer versions <2.6 has an issue with Windows 7 which makes installation into "Program files" or "Program files(x86)" to fail because Win 7 requires elevated privileges for those directories and the old installer does not take care of that. The installer in GeoServer 2.6 is fixed to raise the privileges and installation into Program ...

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