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I noticed this too, under Windows. I installed SAGA on it's own, then under Processing > Options > Providers > SAGA, I gave QGIS the path to the install folder, and presto. :) You can always use SAGA on it's own, by the way, including through the command line, via saga_cmd. (Also, make sure you switched to "Advanced Interface" in your QGIS Processing ...


As an alternative to trying to get this to work in non-GIS software like Windows Explorer, I recommend that you simply use the Catalog window of ArcMap to right-click on an MXD and choose Item Description. If you leave the Item Description window open then you can just click on other *.mxd files to see their previews loaded. When you see the one you ...


Are you working from, or are your shapefiles on an external drive? That makes my QGIS crash sometimes. Also the bit-version (IE 32- or 64-bit) can make a difference depending on your pc.

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