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As of QGIS 2.16, Globe now works on Windows as well, see: The plugin is installed by default. It only needs to be activated in the plugin manager.


Bit of a convoluted process but this should work (make dbf layer vector layer, convert dbf to csv, then convert csv to delim layer, and finally convert delim layer to shp): DBFlyr = QgsVectorLayer(myDBFPath, 'anyName', "ogr") myCSVPath = 'C:/Temp/myCSV.csv' QgsVectorFileWriter.writeAsVectorFormat(DBFlyr, myCSVPath, "utf-8", None, "CSV") uri='file:///'+ ...


If you're able to execute import arcpy in under 4 seconds, the DLL files are already cached in memory, and that's as fast as you can hope to achieve. It's a very large library, and it takes Python a while to read and register. The best way to reduce repeat import cost is to not exit().


In a web map you would be getting back web Mercator coordinates (Meters) not geographic Lat/Longs. In ArcGIS Desktop you would be getting back the projection of the data frame. I would change the map projection to 4326 (WGS-84) and then try it, it should the return Lat/Long decimal degrees. If this works then your issue is solved by using some coordinate ...


This error comes from rgdal, I believe, specifically as it calls normalizePath, which probably should be avoided for filenames starting with http or ftp. normalizePath("", mustWork=FALSE) on windows leads to: #[1] "E:\\home\\http:\\\\image.jpg" but on linux I see: #[1] "" So on ...


There are comprehensive uninstall programs available which do thorough searches and removal for all leftover files and registry values which should solve the problem. An example is Revo Uninstaller.

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