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The Ubuntu/Debian packages for 2.10.0 are already listed at http://qgis.org/debian/dists/vivid/main/binary-amd64/Packages but not yet announced. Apart from that, you can already compile from source: http://qgis.org/downloads/qgis-2.10.0.tar.bz2


For Windows you can use the OSGeo4W Installer which has 2.10.0-1 included. I don't think the Ubuntu/Debian package is ready just yet, since the official QGIS page still lists 2.9 as developement.


It seems to be a common issue to copy some dlls into C:\OSGeo4W64\apps\qgis\bin. After a few days of trial-and-error it was quite simple to solve this problem: In httpd.conf is a link to httpd_qgis.conf. If this link appears before a FcgidInitialEnv or DefaultInitEnv directive, it will be overwritten by this new directive. Thus there is a missing path for ...


we want to use matlab's msvcr. in shapely, replacing CDLL(find_library('c')) with CDLL('C:\\Program Files\\MATLAB\\R2015a\\bin\\win64\\msvcr100.dll') makes it all work. this answer seems to be a method that would determine that path automatically, appropriate for wherever you are invoking shapely from.

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