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In case anyone comes across this question and needs to convert to/from Esri (ArcGIS) json, geoJson, or WKT, I created a small application called geometry-inspector. It is much like the listed applications in the accepted answer, but with the improvement that it supports Esri's json format. Hope it helps someone!


Your data looks ok. In the Delimited text input form, the Geometry definition should be set to WKT, and the Geometry Field to the column containing the WKT. That way you get the linestring into QGIS. If you change the name of the second column from GEOM to WKT, QGIS automatically sets the Geometry definition and Geometry Field to that column.


You should be able to just select the feature and CTRL-C copy it from the main map canvas. If that doesn't include the WKT, check under Options -> Data Sources and make sure "Copy geometry in WKT representation..." is checked.

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