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I suggest class from .NET framework: DbGeography DbGeography dbg = DbGeography.FromText(wkt_string);


MS SQL server Create new table or add new column. Use STGeomFromWKB to convert WKB to Geometry , then in FME do following. Add "MS SQL spatial reader" , point it to correct table ( You can do this with SQLExecute too , that eliminates need for table containing geometry type and you can just use something like SELECT STGeomFRomWKB(wkb) as geom , id from xxx ...


Terraformer can parse WKT, and it can project from Geographic Latlong to WebMercator, but it can't write a WKT. However we can build the WKT string from projected polygon. First refer to the terraformer-core and teraformer wkt parser libraries in your code, like this: <script src="terraformer-1.0.3.min.js"></script> <script ...

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