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I created this little utility for a co-worker to plot multiple WKT or GeoJSON geometries on a Leaflet map. You can fork it and tailor it to your needs. http://jsfiddle.net/asnyder14/9dxbcr4f/embedded/result/


Your version of QGIS (2.11 = QGIS dev) use a new geometry class (QGIS dev: New geometry classes merged and many other posts in this mailing list as Questions regarding new geometry engine, QGIS QgsGeometry.fromWkt not accepting polygons with Z values? , Potentially serious performance regression in new geometry - should 2.10 be delayed?, ...) What is the ...


The answer is AsTextZM (), which is listed on the Extended Methods on Geography. WITH geo AS ( SELECT geography::STGeomFromText('POINT (-75.45454 25.12345 1024 )', 4326) AS point) SELECT geo.point.AsTextZM() AS WTKFull, geo.point.STAsText() AS WTK2d FROM geo


Generally speaking, this is called hex-encoded WKB. This specific example is the extended version, called EWKB, since it has SRID=4326 as found by E6100000. WKB can be viewed in a few forms. The hex-encoded string representation is the most common, which if it is actually text can be converted using a simple ::geometry cast: SELECT ST_AsText(wkb_geometry), ...

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