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To elaborate on Richard Fairhurst answer. Mapbox Studio worked well for me. Mapbox studio provides a platform for you to edit a style offline, upload it and host your stylized map for you. How to: Download MapBox Studio here (There is a linux version). Sign Up for a Mapbox account. You'll get an access Token which you'll need later. Edit the style. ...


It is, but it requires a renderer running on your own computer. Maperitive is one option which runs on Windows, or Linux/Mac systems running Mono. Alternatively, projects such as Mapbox GL and Mapzen's Tangram are client-side renderers running off "vector tiles". This allows your styling to be applied in the browser or app. These are fairly young projects ...


I don't believe so as the CSS is applied at the tile rendering point. That said, the advent of Google map styling may have encouraged progress in this area. You may get some joy using JOSM which looks to pull the data and render the tiles client side.


Yes, user30184 is right. I just opened the wms file and says java.io.IOException: No such resource: generic.sld No such resource: generic.sld So I went back to Geoserver and I changed the default style of the layer from "generic" to "giant_polygon", or whatever works for you login to geoserver, click layers, choose the problematic layer, select the ...


Another option is to turn off option 'Advertised' in layer properties, so it won't be shown in any properties document and any of software using properties will not know about it (e.g. it will not be shown in QGIS wms properties). To display a layer user have to know his name... Of course keep in mind this is not restriction - in this case you can still ...


You can use GeoServer's virtual service endpoints to do this. For example, if your normal WMS endpoint is http://localhost:8080/geoserver/wms , you can use http://localhost:8080/geoserver/A/wms for just the layers in the A workspace. You can also use http://localhost:8080/geoserver/A/people/wms for just the single A:people layer. This isn't totally ...


mapWMSTile.updateParams({ 'LAYERS': 'l3', 'VERSION': '1.3.0', 'TILED': true });


One excellent feature in REST is that you can read a configuration document with correct syntax from a running service with REST and just edit it and then PUT it back. However, with the limited SRS list there is a problem because if it is not set it is not included in the document either. Therefore I recommend to set a limited SRS list first manually with ...


My first suggestion would be to reach out to the government agency's GIS contact and ask them if they can share the data in bulk with you. Explain the issue with reliability, and mention that if you had all this data you wouldn't have to keep hitting their servers to request data. I've been surprised more than once when I ask for data from a government ...


I had similar problem, adding pixelRatio: 1, to ol.Map section solved the problem. http://jsfiddle.net/jLmyo3gL/2/


Did you look at the Shaded Relief sample? It uses operation from ol.source.Raster. They enable data processing on raster (your WMS is a raster) Like with precompose/precompose, you can also set some functions on raster with afteroperations/beforeoperations from ol.source.RasterEvent.html


It would seem that at this time WFS is not supported within the ArcGIS Online viewer. However this functionality may be added in the future, possibly as soon as Fall 2015. According to a post on this geonet thread: There are plans to provide WFS support within the map viewer. We are looking at different options, and it may be late 2015 by the time we ...

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