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Have done it myself It's not defined, because the method Map_SizeChanged(...) is not called in the initialization, it's called later. Got to put it somewhere else EDIT: Got to put it in here: <esri:Map x:Name ="Map" ExtentChanged="Map_ExtentChanged" ... > ... </esri:Map> and call it like this: private void Map_ExtentChanged(object sender, ...


You can add multiple models to a geoprocessing package by running them and having their results preserved within the Results window. Esri Help page: Adding a result to a geoprocessing package When you will click Add Result, all the results of the models' runs will be listed and you can choose the one you need.


There is a ConstrainExtentBehavior that you can add to the Map. See here. <esri:Map x:Name="MyMap" Extent="-120,30,-60,60"> . . . <i:Interaction.Behaviors> <esriBehaviors:ConstrainExtentBehavior ConstrainedExtent="-120,30,-60,60"/> </i:Interaction.Behaviors> </esri:Map> You can get the extent of your layer ...

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