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The 3D Analyst Land XML to TIN tool did work when I run the toolbox tool itself rather than a command from the Python window. Must have had the parameters wrong.


Got it working using the fmi package in R. https://github.com/rOpenGov/fmi/blob/master/vignettes/fmi_tutorial.md


Have you tried the fmi R package from rOpenGov? This is an example partly from their tutorial and ran for me just fine: install.packages(c("devtools", "sp", "rgdal", "raster")) # if you haven't library(devtools) install_github("rOpenGov/rwfs") install_github("rOpenGov/fmi") library(fmi) library(sp) apiKey <- "ENTER YOUR API KEY HERE" request <- ...


There are some interesting irregularities here. I'll try to generalize the answer, particularly by discussing the parameters that are zeroes in this definition but might not be in another XML-based coordinate reference system (CRS) definition. A colleague pointed out that usually XML has uses angle brackets for the attribute/value pairs. The geographic ...

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