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Got it working using the fmi package in R. https://github.com/rOpenGov/fmi/blob/master/vignettes/fmi_tutorial.md


Have you tried the fmi R package from rOpenGov? This is an example partly from their tutorial and ran for me just fine: install.packages(c("devtools", "sp", "rgdal", "raster")) # if you haven't library(devtools) install_github("rOpenGov/rwfs") install_github("rOpenGov/fmi") library(fmi) library(sp) apiKey <- "ENTER YOUR API KEY HERE" request <- ...


The 3D Analyst Land XML to TIN tool did work when I run the toolbox tool itself rather than a command from the Python window. Must have had the parameters wrong.


There are some interesting irregularities here. I'll try to generalize the answer, particularly by discussing the parameters that are zeroes in this definition but might not be in another XML-based coordinate reference system (CRS) definition. A colleague pointed out that usually XML has uses angle brackets for the attribute/value pairs. The geographic ...

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