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I realize you asked explicitly for ODK. Nevertheless, there are other similar options that work in QGIS. This video show QGIS editing with iOS or Android devices (and includes offline support) that will not require any complicated workflow to load/extract data. https://youtu.be/El2-tXZBfKM Disclaimer: I wrote portions of it.


They are many Python modules to parse XML files (PiPy:xml) but xml.etree.ElementTree is a standard module With your example from xml.etree import ElementTree as ET with open("testodk.xml") as odk: tree = ET.parse(odk) coords = tree.find('KOORD') print coords.text 56.1234 13.1234 70.1234 7.1234 name = tree.find('NAME') print name.text Place name To ...

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