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Are the xml files *.aux.xml? If so, it's not QGIS creating them, it's the GDAL library which uses them to store metadata, including statistics. You can disable completely by setting the environment variable GDAL_PAM_ENABLED=NO though I don't advise this if you'll be displaying the rasters again as there won't be any statistics cached. Instead, you can ...


ESRI has an standard xml format to export both the data and the schema of data. In ArcCatalg (Catalog window of Arcmap): 1- As arcgis cannot export shapefile directly to XML workspace first import your shapefile into a geodatabase featureclass. 2- right-click the featureCLass > Export> XML Workspace Document in the opened window there are two combo ...


There is a service that allows you to retrieve any administrative border from OpenStreetMap in a number of formats. https://osm.wno-edv-service.de/boundaries/


If you want to convert it to a Shapefile just download the xml (for example right-mouse-click on the download link and choose something like "save target as..." instead of opening it in the browser. then in Qgis choose "add vectorlayer" or use drag and drop to add your xml layer to your Qgis project. then save layer as shapefile. If you are just looking for ...

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