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I figured out a work around this error, it's not exactly what I hoped for but it gets the job done. So all I have to do is to modify the XML code for the update transaction in Javascript like this: var str=new XMLSerializer().serializeToString(node); var data=str.replace("feature:myLayer","myNameSpace:myLayer"); and then send data with an AJAX call to ...


The link you post it brings me to a Catalogue Service where the metadata of a cartographic resource is located. This kind of Services are useful to share the information about geographic resources like who's the owner of the data, the extension, where you can download it or buy it, contact point and more other INSPIRE parameters. The XML download option of ...


Solution: Explicitly set the correct srsName gmlPolygon.getValue().setSrsName("EPSG:4326"); I also had to add srsDimension to the points since they had x, y, z: <ns1:pos srsDimension="3">32.23435 -110.34544 90.2</ns1:pos>

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