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To show localized resources properly, the user must change "Display Language" of the operating system. In windows 7: Region and Language Dialog > Keyboards and Languages > Install/Unistall languages The other preferred solution is to change the config.esriaddin file directly, rather that creating localized versions.


The world picture is rendered from a shapefile. For detailed maps, you need to put the openstreetmap data into a postgis database using osm2pgsql (not osmosis!). http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mapnik can lead you to further instructions how to set up the database properly.


If you path does not loop back on itself but has a fairly consistent direction you can make an id based on the coordinates. I would use your GIS (ArcGIS) to open the data and convert to a 'standard' gis format (e.g. shapefile) so you can manipulate the data easily without corrupting your original file. Then I'd create a text attribute that concatenates the ...


I think your issue has been addressed here. As given in the second paragraph, For example, if the metadata describes the item as having one projection but the item's projection has changed since the last automatic update, the old projection information in the metadata will be replaced with the new projection information. Basically geoprocessing ...

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