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comment How to highlight features on user click in Leaflet?
@ Radar : All these codes highlight only where the mouse is clicked. I need, when a user clicks at one place (say a point), a polygon / polyline at another place should be highlighted. As given in my question, if the user click on a bridge, the lake from where water flows to this bridge should be highlighted.
comment GRASS GIS - r.water.outlet - What is my mistake?
Thanks Micha, is there any method available to demarcate watershed for a location other than stream? I mean, if I want to find out the watershed for a place, where no stream available but, sheet of water can flow (like a causeway / Irish bridge). Thanks....
comment GRASS GIS - r.water.outlet - What is my mistake?
Thanks to markusN & Micha for important & useful reply. Is it necessary to provide such a accurate easting & northing (4 digits after decimal)? Somewhere I saw, one GIS user provided just two digits after decimal & the watershed plotted nicely. Kindly enlighten me..
comment GRASS GIS - r.water.outlet - What is my mistake?
Well friends, I'm answering my own question. The procedure I followed is almost correct. The mistakes which I have done - hope it helps new comers like me... - Used stream raster instead of drainage - in r.water.outlet - please be careful in the input - Entered lat/lon with 2 digits after decimal - for accuracy atleast 4 digits after decimal is required. - Keep the stream vector displayed & adjust the lat/lon till you get watershed - by gradual increase / decrease of lat/lon. Thanks to all .....