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Welcome to GIS SE! I recommend that you extend your internet search to Wikipedia which has a useful Shapefile page that mentions the Z (three-dimensional) type.
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Would you be able to edit your question to clarify whether you are using Data Driven Pages and the ArcGIS version, please?
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Of the nearly 38,000 questions asked here this is the first one that mentions SuperMap so there may be no one here who has used it thoroughly. To discover whether software is likely to meet your requirements there is no substitute for undertaking a trial of it. Asking here about specific feature comparisons as you start to use them would fit our focussed Q&A format much better.
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Now, before any answers are offered to your question in its original form, would be an ideal time to edit your question to improve it with your responses to clarifications being sought via comments.
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@recurvata I'm not certain that I understand your comment but I think making this one a duplicate should cause the original to show up as related next time someone starts to write one similar to this.
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