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comment Using ArcPy update cursor to update overlapping feature values?
I would use polygon overlay (Union, Intersect or Identity) or Spatial Join to do this in one step rather than using ArcPy - its performance will be much better.
comment Are there any training resources in SQL and Python as applied to GIS database management?
If you do not think that this is a duplicate then I recommend editing the question to focus it on the SQL and/or database management aspects rather than Python for ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server because I think the duplicate covers off well on the latter.
comment Free Map Hosting Option, for MapServer, OpenLayer Web GIS
Welcome to GIS SE! As a new user be sure to take the Tour. As it stands I think your question is too broad because it is asking potential answerers to build a list of options to meet your requirements while only revealing what they are in their broadest sense.
comment Remote sensing for Nepal Earthquake
Please be aware of the GIS Meta discussion at meta.gis.stackexchange.com/questions/3439/… where @whuber makes some good suggestions about Community Promotion Ads.
comment ArcGIS Geoprocessing Service Error 000732
The area reserved for direct answers should not be used to post clarifications to your question so I have converted it to an edit.
comment Unable to execute a python script that was exported from ModelBuilder
Whenever presenting error messages please include them as text rather than pictures so that they can be available to future searches.
comment Explode clusters of overlapping points in ArcGIS Javascript API
You seem to have created two accounts, can you merge them ASAP using these instructions, please?
comment Using union and area increases?
Welcome to GIS SE! Would you be able to edit your question to include the GIS software (and version) that you are using, please?
comment How to convert from .shp to .csv using python and either gdal_translate of ogr2ogr
Would you be able to edit your question to include the exact error message that you are receiving, please?
comment Knowing POLYGON points get centroid
Please use the edit button beneath your question to revise it with any clarifications sought via comments.
comment Wrong buffer distances from ArcGIS for Desktop?
Would you be able to edit your question to revise it with the clarifications that others have been seeking via comments, please? That way potential answerers can see all your information in one place instead of having to read a trail of comments. Can you also include your version of ArcGIS for Desktop because buffering has undergone some significant changes over it last few dot releases.
comment Predefined reports using ModelBuilder?
Would you be able to edit your question to try and clarify what you are asking by including pictures of a few rows of your input and expected output, please? I suspect that you are really trying to ask several questions so I recommend focussing on just the first place that you are stuck. You can then research/ask the others separately.
comment How can I create text using Python in ArcMap 10.1
Would you be able to edit your question to include a picture of what you are trying to achieve, please?
comment Combining and extracting attributes from 2 columns to populate a third (Concatenate)
What GIS software are you using? Both QGIS and ArcGIS for Desktop have a field calculator.
comment Exporting shapefile to csv with cursor
Would you be able to edit your question to include the version of ArcGIS for Desktop that you are using, please?
comment How to get values of last row in table with ArcPy/SearchCursor?
I think using the result of GetCount with FID in a where_clause on a SearchCursor may be quicker/easier but will need to performance test to be sure.
comment Insert cursor for first row in unique value set arcpy
I would do this using a single tool: Summary Statistics
comment Another set of questions - Cursors
As a new user please take the Tour which mentions that there should be only one question per question.
comment ArcPy Lists, describe funtion, loop
Welcome to GIS SE! As a new user be sure to take the Tour. Please do not mistake us for a code writing service. To get help with specific parts of your code you will need to research/ask about each separately, and present code snippets of what you have tried and where you are stuck.
comment How can I find internal overlaps in my polygon feature class ideally via modelbuilder tools?
@JohnBarça I think this one is an answer but far too brief for anyone not highly familiar with ArcGIS for Desktop geoprocessing to make much sense of.