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I help non-technical startup founders validate their business ideas.

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comment How to order points of a polygon?
@scai Yes, I know that a relation can have "holes" inside it. For now, I sorted the partial polygons manually.
comment How to read all IDs of all ways inside a polygon?
I tried to run this query, but I ran into some problems. Details can be found here - gis.stackexchange.com/questions/76584/… .
comment How to read all IDs of all ways inside a polygon?
Very interesting. I'll try to formulate a query for getting a list of all buildings inside the polygon. Regarding buildings: By "building" I mean any way, which has a node <tag k="building" v="..."/>.
comment How to read all IDs of all ways inside a polygon?
@BradHards Actually, it's irrelevant whether this happens online or locally. For now, I intend to download the data within the bounding box ( openstreetmap.org/api/0.6/… ), then read all buildings from there and filter out those, which lie inside the polygon boundary (as described on stackoverflow.com/questions/12083093/… ). I'm not finished yet, so if you know an easier way, I'll be glad to hear it.
comment Tool for adding buildings to OpenStreetMaps by tracing their countours on satellite maps
@Mapperz Please submit your comment as an answer. This editor is the best choice for a cartography newbie like me :)
comment How to mark a particular point in MapPanel?
Thanks for your cooperation! I added a pull request with the glass pane stuff. See github.com/srutz/mappanel/pull/1
comment How to install PostGis on EC2 micro-instance
@Mapperz Good point. AFAIK there is an EC2-compatible hosting provider Digital Ocean, which offers 2 GB RAM, which should be sufficient for simple experiments. digitalocean.com/pricing
comment Raster to vector conversion
@All: I added Update 27.01.2013 above. There are some mapping defects which are caused either by too few points or wrong settings. It would be great, if you looked at the video and suggested how to improve the process. Thanks!