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comment Python GDAL package missing header file when installing via pip
Does using C_INCLUDE_PATH instead/additionally helps=?
comment How to render a table with mixed geometry types in QGIS?
Or if you wanna have a common table for your different geometry types - there are such use cases - you could create views using GeometryType for filtering. Though I'm not sure how QGIS will infer the geometry type.
comment Syntax of WFS request in OpenLayers
I don't think there's a legend control for WFS in OpenLayers. WFS+SLD would be WMS (roughly speaking) and for OpenLayers WFS is purely a vector data source with no knowledge about any styles attached to it by your WFS server software.
comment What's the difference between EPSG:4326 and EPSG:900913?
Also, coordinate values will be totally different, EPSG:4326 has decimal degree values (-180 to 180 and -90 to 90) while EPSG:900913 has metric values (-20037508.34 to 20037508.34).
comment Slow IE8 responsiveness with OpenLayers and many features
For that, checkout the cluster strategy. It will reduce the number of actual features being drawn. I use that from time to time. That should help with the slow rendering engine of IE8. Also Chrome frame is supposedly installable without admin rights. Never tried that though.
comment Problem with geotiff in qgis only in some PCs
Hm, any color table associated with that raster? Maybe in an extra file which didn't get passed along?
comment How to determine Parcel Neighbors?
This will need some topology-enabled GIS software for sure. So either PostGIS 2, GRASS (has topology, but not sure how to utilize it) or ArcGIS I suppose.
comment Count points inside polygons using PostGIS
As of PostGIS 1.3, ST_Intersection does implicit bounding box checks to utilize the GIST index. So I'm not sure how to enhance this...
comment Projection ETRS89 (Ellipsoid: GRS80) 6-Degree Zone 33 to UTM33N - WGS84
nhopton, your affine transformation basically was reprojecting them, so your solution is as valid as mine. Whatever works, I suppose? :)
comment 'NoneType' object has no attribute
Tried your code locally and it works. So, which version of GDAL do you have installed?
comment Postal areas for Germany? - Shape?
Arnulf did a nice job back then and as far as I can tell it's the only freely available dataset. But there are many changes , although minor, changes to the postal area geometries every year. But on a small scale you should be fine.
comment Can ArcGIS and OSGeo4W share the same python install?
I think I remember we had problems using the tools to generate topologies in geodatabases. But I am not sure anymore. Switching between arcgisscripting.create() and win32com.client.Dispatch("esriGeoprocessing.GpDispatch.1") made one tool work and another didn't anymore. Weird stuff.
comment What are some Free and Open Source GIS Desktop packages
qgis is nice, but the UI needs some more maturity... Using some of the plugins clutters the UI with tons of toolbars with icons I mostly don't understand easily. But then I am the GRASS GIS dude here in my department anyways...