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I own 2 vastly different companies; Geospatial Solutions Global (GSG) and A Cut Above Tree Care. I am a Solutions Consultant and a Arborist as well. My consulting agency (GSG) began with me, working alone, and serving as a simple provider of AutoCAD and GIS products to my clients (mostly Environmental Engineering Consultants I worked for directly in the past - former bosses & managers). My company has since morphed in response to what the market has demanded. I solve peoples problems. I do so by connecting clients with the experts they need on their projects. Much of this expertise is in-house, but the majority is outsourced.

I have around 10 years experience in GIS applications, and approximately 7 years experience in CAD (self taught). My primary areas of expertise is in Aggregate resources (Pit & Quarry design & rehabilitation) and Arboroculture (felling tree's from the air). I also have a great deal of experience producing figures for the Environmental Sector. In paticular, my Environmental mapping and CAD figures have been tied to the Aggregate and Mining Sectors. I also have experience producing products for a number of other areas such as Mining Land Tenure, Aquatic Ecology, Terrestrial Biology, HydroGeology, etc, etc.

This forum has been invaluable to me over the past few years, and I owe much of my growth as a professional to the answers I have found through this community.

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