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I am web devoloper for gis client and art director. Mostly, though, I am writing codes rather than designing maps. I'm python and django fan (FOSS) also I feel almost like addicted to opensource tools. I like motto of django "Dont Repeat Yourself-DRY" and philosophy/zen of python (PEP-20)

My skills relation with GIS:


  • JavaScript
  • Python 2.x - Some Modules(GIS and others)
  • Django/GeoDjango - Haystack with Apache Solr

JavaScript Libraries

  • OpenLayers
  • Leaflet
  • ExtJS 3.x/4.x
  • GeoExt


  • ArcMap/ArcPy
  • QGis/Grass
  • PostgreSql/Postgis
  • GlobalMapper
  • GDAL