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comment SLD to Esri lyr file?
No GeorgeC, I don't need it anymore. However I haven't heard of solutions unless using writing some custom code based on ESRI APIs
comment How to make a spatial view in PostGIS and add it as a layer in QGIS?
I confirm the problem. With QGIS 1.8, PostGIS 2.0, and a view created from a table with a primary key, tha view gets listed in the avaiable layers but the error message "You must select a table in order to add a layer" appears.
comment Looking for ready tools to display real-time positions online
Do you mean a solution to show each user the real time route of the other users along its own track? How are you going to collect the real time tracks, through a third party api service or are you going to setup your own service?
comment how does arcmap calculate scalebar inside a WGS84 layout?
Thanks a lot. QuantumGIS uses the Harvesine formula calculated at the middle latitude of the mapcanvas extent. It's a much better aproximation. I see many map printings in geographical CRS (strait lon/lat grids) with metrical scalebars. It's nonesense, besides ArcMap caluclates that scalebar as if it was on the Equator!
comment Is the ArcMap style database format available somewhere?
Here is a stripped down style DB. It only contains some color ramps giovanniallegri.it/share/GIOHAPPY.style
comment Examples of web-mapping for plantations
We generally build ad-hoc solutions for specific agricultural needs, based on generic gis/webgis softwares and frameworks. I don't know if general purpose webgis DSS systems exist for plantations management...
comment How to make the layer 2 use the same vector categories from layer 1?
I will open a second question if you wish but the two questions were strictly related because they refer to the same problem: managing a new layer.