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comment Move Polygons with snap from edge to edge
Wow, this forum is just great! Indeed, I did not know how to move the anchor point and struggled therefore to move multiple entities. With only one polygon it worked fine. Thank you so much!
comment Advanced Polygon and Parcel Splitting
it seems difficult right !? :-/
comment Advanced Polygon and Parcel Splitting
Thanks R.K. for the reference to parcel division. I am aware of this function and tried it (altough its very complicated, I downloaded the 60 days trial version of ArcGIS advanced). The main problem is, that one can only specify the direction of division, but not further parameters such as the road access. Something like "all resulting polygons from division of Polygon A adjacent to Polygon B" Thanks for the additional Reps :)
comment How to split a polygon into multiple equal-width polygons in ArcMap 10?
Do you have any solution for this problem? The parcel editor seems to address this issue perfect, but it is only available with the Editor and Info Version which cost a fortune. We are also trying to divide a lot of polygons on a regular basis - any help would be highly appreciated ...