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My name is Mohammed Azzan, I am Junior Developer Working at Span Infotech, Bangalore. Working on Oracle, Basically R&D on the new features and Products on Oracle. I have worked on Oracle and MySQL Databases. Other than Databases, DBA, Datawarehousing, and BI, I have interest in PHP and HTML5, web Designing as well.

comment Can we do operations like Geo-referencing and Geo-coding in NoSQL Databses
I agree, but when factor of scaling out comes, NoSQL stands out. I mean not today but in the near future we may have enough unstructured data to be in maps. Google is using BigTable for their maps,foursquare is using MongoDB, Navteq uses hadoop. Some more here nathankerr.com/projects/parallel-gis-processing/…
comment What is the Difference between Geometric and Geographic columns?
Thanks @Alexandre Neto, I got one mroe interesting which is similar to yours, thought of sharing workshops.opengeo.org/postgis-intro/…
comment What is Spatial Reference System in Laymans Language?
Thanks @Igor Brejc, I just changed it..!