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I am first and foremost an ecologist working to promote the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. I enjoy finding solutions to problems on this site that I otherwise would not have exposure to in my day-to-day work.

Specialties: Remote sensing, GIS, spatial statistics, big data, wildlife conservation, and landscape ecology. My work focuses mainly on multispectral and Lidar remote sensing for assessing vegetation structure and composition.

"The feed-forward back-propagation multi-layer perceptron (MLP) is the type of neural network most commonly encountered in remote sensing..." Atkinson and Tatnall, 2010 International Journal of Remote Sensing

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Added comment to help make this a more complete answer.
comment How to calculate the a list of rasters?
The following line waterVapor = 0.24+0.503*(rasterB4 - rasterB5) is in error. You need to convert the rasters to raster layers before you do any band math.
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This sounds like a regression problem. Do you use R? What is your desired output?
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Here is a solution from the duplicate post: blogs.esri.com/esri/apl/2012/09/12/…
comment Can I convert a kmz file to kml?
+1 If you are using 7zip, you do not even need to add a ".zip" extension.
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comment Trying to write a python script to crawl a directory and list all datasources
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comment Importing file geodatabase (GDB) to table of contents (TOC) of ArcMap?
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