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I started tinkering with computers at the age of 6. These days, I'm a senior software engineer at Google, working on maps and related things in the Geo group. Most recently, I've been working on the server-side code for Google Maps Engine.

Besides being fluent in English and American Sign Language, I know too many programming languages to count. Lately I've primarily been using Java, C++, JavaScript, and Python. I enjoy C#, even though nowadays I don't get many chances to use it. I'm also a big fan of Haskell and Scala, although I haven't had a chance to use either of them in a large-scale project yet.

In my spare time, I play guitar and read voraciously, including science fiction and books on computing. I'm also a volunteer minister for the deaf, teaching Bible studies in American Sign Language.

Standard disclaimer: my opinions are my own, and not necessarily those of my employer.