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comment How to get popup with layer attributes to display after using address search/geocoder widget?
No there is no credit system, it's just a flat rate. Mango can easily handle that level of traffic. You can also email me directly (chris@mangomap.com).
comment What's the most common way to join photos with geographic data?
As in add a column to the data called "images" which contains url's that point to photos in the cloud.
comment How to use Leaflet to efficiently show parts of a massive dataset?
The OP presented a problem, I presented a possible solution. All solutions to this problem will have a cost either in time or money.
comment Create interactive map with no server
The common mistake with TopoJSON is to not look inside the JSON and understand it's structure when using it with D3. If you copy the example code and replace the their TopoJSON with yours you need to make sure that objects referenced in the TopoJSON actually exist in your JSON also.
comment I have n points, how do I find the closest one from a point p by road?
Oops didn't address the data question. That's free too - wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Shapefiles
comment Where can I go to have a rant about Open GEO Data?
Cool, didn't know about that.
comment Where can I go to have a rant about Open GEO Data?
All of them ;-) Although anywhere in the EC contributing to INSPIRE will be singled out for special attention!
comment What does Scale mean in the reference of Desktop GIS or WebGIS?
Just to add to that, remember that most web maps are using Web Mercator which obviously causes extreme distortions at the poles therefore the scale bar on most web maps is adjusted to show the scale at the centre of the current view rather than anywhere that you can see on the map.
comment What percentage of ArcGIS users are using version 10.1 already?
Thanks for the feedback guys. If you were to shoot from the hip, what would you say the adoption rate was?
comment How to publish shapefiles to web with no programming required?
MangoMap only uses shapefiles to accept the data, under the hood it's using PostgreSQL/PostGIS. I've seen the global tree height data loaded into it so it's capable of handling absolutely massive datasets.
comment Is it possible to show migration arrows on Leaflet map?
Yes a polygon or a line. I would probably go with a line as a polygon will might not look so good at all zoom levels. Whilst a line the thickness will the same at all zoom levels. Do a Google image search for "whether map" you'll probably get some good inspiration there.
comment Creating an ArcGIS Add-In to Export SLD
I've seen that tool, but I actually want to build something myself.