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comment Update a field attribute in one column based on a change to another column in one table
I suppose I am misunderstanding the question then. I was just thinking back to when we did a city signage project and Public Works was using a different MUTCD code for signs than what we were. We used an attributed relationship class so that as we were adding new signs with our MUTCD code, the code Public Works used was automatically joined to our table so we could label the signs using their code instead of ours. I was just thinking if the description and legend info were tied to a specific value in the attribute table, this would work.
comment Cannot get arcpy.MosiacToNewRaster to work with list
Thank you for sharing this information with me. I was not aware of the Value Table function. I was able to figure out that I had just missed a parameter for that function in my syntax, which is why my original code did not work. This will be very useful for me in the future!