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Top new questions this week:

QGIS - how to use geometry generator to place a centroid in each segment of a multiline?

With geometry generator in QGIS I'm trying to place a marker in the midpoint of each segment of a multiline vector (I don't want to use the Highlight line option). My main issue is how to read each ...

qgis line expression centroids geometry-generator  
asked by Francesco Stefanini 6 votes
answered by Kadir ┼×ahbaz 12 votes

Layer not repainting using PyQGIS

I'm trying to change the color ramp for a raster layer using PyQGIS. What I have works, but the layer doesn't redraw. However, if I open the layer properties and click "Apply", the map ...

qgis pyqgis qgis-plugins layers rendering  
asked by Lorem Ipsum 6 votes
answered by Ben W 5 votes

Hiding data attributes rows in the Identify Results panel

I have a GDB layer which I've imported into my QGIS 3.16 project. I am using the "Identify Features" tool to inspect paths, and I'm trying to use the "Identify Results" panel to ...

qgis fields-attributes features identify  
asked by ian.pvd 6 votes
answered by BERA 6 votes

Create points along lines at defined distance in PostGIS?

I have zero experience with PostGIS and SQL, but I'm trying to create points along the line at specific distance. I am trying this method: Getting points along line at defined distance using PostGIS? ...

qgis postgis postgresql sql  
asked by adamekcerv 5 votes
answered by jgrocha 4 votes

Creating circle using QGIS

In QGIS I have added the shape layer to the toolbar, but I can never seem to select the shapes. How do I create a simple circle?

qgis editing  
asked by Pie 4 votes
answered by MrXsquared 10 votes

What is sfc in sf Package of R?

The following picture describes a simple feature collection of the package sf in R. However, I don't get the meaning of sfc. A feature collections consists of a set of simple features, three in the ...

r sf  
asked by Funkwecker 4 votes
answered by Jindra Lacko 7 votes

Drawing lines between pair of two points with their coordinates in QGIS

I'm using QGIS 3.18. For my thesis I use coordinates of starting points and destination points. So far I uploaded these coordinates into my project which worked without any problems. The CSV-file ...

qgis point coordinates csv polyline-creation  
asked by Marco_V 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Determining which US zipcodes map to more than one state or more than one city?

I'm using a zip code listing, and I am curious to know how many (or which) zip codes map to more than one US state or US city? For instance I know that Zip Code 42223 resolves to US Army, Fort ...

united-states zip-codes borders postal-code  
asked by Asking One 29 votes
answered by Gabriel Grant 27 votes

Finding minimum-area-rectangle for given points?

As you see in the figure, the question is: How to find the minimum-area-rectangle (MAR) fitted on the given points? and a supporting question is: Is there any analytical solution for the ...

geometry 3d algorithm extents convex-hull  
asked by Developer 84 votes
answered by julien 52 votes

Converting Pandas DataFrame to GeoDataFrame

This seems like a simple enough question, but I can't figure out how to convert a Pandas DataFrame to a GeoDataFrame for a spatial join? Here is an example of what my data looks like using df.head(): ...

csv geopandas pandas geodataframe  
asked by atkat12 57 votes
answered by Martin Valgur 114 votes

Cropping basemap to specific area using ArcGIS Desktop?

I have a base map from ONS of the entire UK and on another layer I have a boundary outline for the smaller area which I want to crop the base map to. How do I delete everything outside of this small ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-10.0 intersection clip ordnance-survey  
asked by jamie 1 vote
answered by MyFamily 2 votes

How to read a shapefile in Python?

My question is an extension of Vertical lines in a polygon shapefile. Kindly refer to that question first. What you will see is a method of generating vertical lines with respect to the bounding box,...

python polygon line python-2.7 clip  
asked by Akhil 55 votes
answered by gene 72 votes

Displaying local file in Google Maps?

How can I get a KML/KMZ file to display on Google Maps without a public facing web server?

google-maps kml  
asked by Chris M 48 votes
answered by Don Meltz 32 votes

Difference between WGS84 and EPSG:4326?

What is the difference between WGS84 and EPSG 4326? It seems like for a given dataset it might be both WGS84 and EPSG:4326.

coordinate-system wgs84 epsg  
asked by Alex B 156 votes
answered by underdark 159 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Filter collection of images with selected geometry

I am developing an application to analyze the images of the districts of a region. I select the districts this way and it works fine (see image) var selectd = ui.Select ({ items: Object.keys (...

image st-geometry spatial-filter  
asked by Ricardo Vicari 1 vote

Troubleshooting "No root node" error when editing attribute table (SOLVED)

In QGIS I have an attribute table. Some of the values are strings of text, others are integers. But no matter what I put into this table, whenever I try to update it, I get the following error : Am ...

qgis attribute-table text  
asked by Jay 1 vote

Why can't I import QGIS module in PyCharm

I have used the following command-line successfully (python3.7) conda install -c conda-forge qgis and I'm able to import the qgis-python module by import qgis in IPython. However, when I tried to ...

qgis python conda  
asked by kawataku 1 vote
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