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Top new questions this week:

Selecting only one point in polygon using QGIS

I have two shapefiles: polygon(buffer) and point. How can I select only one point in each buffer in QGIS? If I use the "Select by Location", I will get all points inside the polygons, ...

qgis polygon point point-in-polygon select-by-location  
asked by g12345kk Score of 6
answered by Ben W Score of 8

Converting number with leading zeros in integer in QGIS

I used this command to organize my treenumbers: lpad("baumnummer", 6, '0') So tree number 1 will be shown as "00001". I did this because in my layout lists every tree will be put ...

qgis attribute-table fields-attributes convert integer  
asked by Kyosuke. T Score of 5
answered by Taras Score of 5

Creating nested hex grids in QGIS

I'm looking to replicate the kind of map seen here, where there are essentially multiple hex grids nested inside one another. Author : Kate Berg That example was made in ArcPro, I'm working in QGIS 3....

qgis-3 symbology polygon-creation hexagonal-grid  
asked by Matt Houston Score of 5
answered by Taras Score of 7

Extending "Join attributes by nearest" with WHERE clause in QGIS

I am using QGIS v3.24.1-Tisler and the "Join attributes by nearest" tool in Processing Toolbox, which does 90% of what I need. However I would like to be able to add a WHERE clause, so join ...

qgis attribute-joins spatial-join proximity where-clause  
asked by ScottL Score of 4
answered by Pavel Pereverzev Score of 0

PyGeodesy package not opening PGM file in QGIS

I am trying to evaluate geoid heights using Earth Gravitational Models. I use the following script: (Reference) # from pygeodesy import GeoidKarney from pygeodesy.ellipsoidalKarney import ...

qgis python pygeodesy  
asked by Kadir ┼×ahbaz Score of 4

Sorting points to create polygon in PyQGIS

I have list of points and I want to create a polygon. First I need to sort points for that I tried: Find the center point of all points Calculated angle from the center to each point, Based on angle ...

pyqgis polygon qgis-3 sorting  
asked by Velugoti Venkateswarlu Score of 4

Projection: Mollweide to Equirectangular

I am trying to reproduce in Python a coordinate transformation of a map from Mollweide coordinates (see Figure A) to Equirectangular coordinates (see Figure B) that I saw done in Mathematica in the ...

python coordinate-system maps mathematics  
asked by Loïc Poncin Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Converting between KML and shapefile (SHP) format

My users are sending me point data that were digitized using Google Earth. How can I convert their KML to a shapefile and vice versa?

shapefile convert file-formats kml interoperability  
asked by TroutSlayer Score of 113
answered by fmark Score of 143

Differences between triangulation and trilateration

Looking around I noticed that many people interchange the terms (triangulation and trilateration) for the same sense. What is the correct sense of Triangulation and what are the differences from ...

gps gis-principle trilateration triangulation-survey triangulation  
asked by adev Score of 40
answered by R.K. Score of 35

Loading external GeoJSON file into Leaflet map?

I would like to load a geoJSON (polygon) file into my leaflet map. I have seen examples where geoJSON is embedded into the javascript code but I can't find any examples showing how it is done with an ...

leaflet geojson  
asked by bailey Score of 68
answered by bailey Score of 13

Seeking full list of ISO ALPHA-2 and ISO ALPHA-3 country codes?

I'm searching for a full list of countries with their country codes. Like on this page (need full and valid):

data geocoding  
asked by Lampard Score of 26
answered by Adam Matan Score of 34

Difference between WMTS and WMS

What is the main difference between a Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) and a Web Map Service (WMS)? When should you choose one over the other? What are the (dis)advantages by choosing one over the other? I ...

wms wmts web-service request  
asked by Edward van Raak Score of 78
answered by AndreJ Score of 60

Changing default zoom in Google embedded map?

I am having difficulties to change the default zoom level when I open the iframe below in my site. Can anyone please help me to set zoom level when following iframe is opened? <iframe src="http://...

asked by Hari Score of 27
answered by Nat Score of 19

Getting list of coordinates for points in layer using QGIS?

I've got a layer in QGIS that is comprised of points. Its attribute table doesn't have (show) the corresponding x and y coordinates for each point. Is there a way for me to extract a list of ...

qgis coordinate-system point select-by-attribute mac  
asked by hpy Score of 54
answered by MerseyViking Score of 53

Can you answer these questions?

How to resolve the problem of multiple parallel streams and unmatched river flow in Stream Network?

I am working on sub-watersheds delineation of an area. The extracted streams do not match with the real world scenario. I have two issues; there are multiple streams lines which do not match with ...

arcgis-desktop hydrology srtm watershed stream-order  
asked by AM38 Score of 1
answered by FelixIP Score of 0

Changing depth colorscale showing the intervals instead of only the minimum and maximum in print layout

I have made a legend with the bathymetry color scale in it example: It only shows 0 and -30 while I have made the color scale using 10 meter intervals, so 0, -10, -20, -30. Does anyone know how to ...

qgis legend bathymetry  
asked by SimonDL Score of 1

QGIS 3.x Python - Some VectorLayer signals not working?

I'm writing a plugin and was really hoping to get the featureAdded signal when the user is interacting with a VectorLayer object in the plugin, but I never see that signal. To try and figure out what'...

qgis python pyqt5  
asked by ArgentMage Score of 1
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