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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to disable editing for certain layers in a QGIS project?

I want to disable editing some (but not all) layers in one QGIS project, while still having them editable in a different project. Is it possible to disable editing certain layers within a QGIS ...

qgis qgis-3 editing  
asked by TeddyTedTed 8 votes
answered by Val P 10 votes

Multi-threaded compression in rasterio?

For writing large raster files (e.g. satellite image GeoTIFFs) to disk, the throughput rate tends to be limited by the compression algorithm rather than by the raw disk IO. (Benchmarks: 1, 2.) This is ...

python performance rasterio parallel-processing big-data  
asked by benjimin 6 votes
answered by benjimin 5 votes

Getting an ordered list of id's of selected objects using PyQGIS

I am trying to get the ids of the objects of my selection. The list should be ordered from my first selected object to the last selected object. I do not have much experience with using SIGNAL and ...

qgis-3 pyqgis-3 order selection  
asked by jugoslaviaa 6 votes
answered by Kadir ┼×ahbaz 7 votes

Hide many attribute columns in QGIS 3

I know this is pretty much a duplicate of Can you hide attribute columns in QGIS? but I have about 100 columns I want to hide so right clicking each column - Hide is not ideal. Isn't there a way to ...

asked by BERA 6 votes
answered by HeikkiVesanto 11 votes

Obtaining the average red, green, blue values within grid cells in QGIS?

Is there a way to obtain the average red, green, blue values within grid cells in QGIS?

qgis qgis-modeler unmanned-aerial-vehicle  
asked by Dan Olson 5 votes
answered by Kadir ┼×ahbaz 6 votes

Resolve Intersecting areas in shapefile

I combined two shapefiles and noticed that the polygons didn't overlay perfectly. How can I resolve these intersections to snap to their closest neighbours? This is a closer look at the ...

python geoprocessing ogr2ogr  
asked by user2331566 5 votes
answered by MyGIS 0 votes

Postgis - Zonal statistics - Parallel computation?

I am looking to speed up a postgis query, regarding zonal statistics. I am using postgis 3.0 with postgreSQL 12 and I was hoping that I could apply the below script to speed up processing using ...

postgis zonal-statistics statistics parallel  
asked by tastatham 5 votes
answered by ziggy 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Converting projected coordinates to lat/lon using Python?

I assume this is a basic question but I can't seem to find or recognize the solution. This site returns Point: X: -11705274.6374 Y: 4826473.6922 when you searching with the first key value of ...

python coordinate-system convert  
asked by Vincent 55 votes
answered by Antonio Falciano 107 votes

Getting coordinates from geometry in PostGIS?

This line: SELECT geom FROM myLayer.geom will return a hex value. How would I get decimal values, which is a human-readable coordination?

postgis convert geometry coordinates decimal-points  
asked by Kourosh 64 votes
answered by user1702401 54 votes

Generating random locations nearby?

I am trying to create random locations nearby my location. What i want is to create random latitude/longitude pairs inside a 200 meters circle surrounding my location. This is the formula i came up ...

distance android coordinates geolocation  
asked by pindleskin 31 votes
answered by whuber 47 votes

What are the differences between WMS, WFS, WCS, WPS?

By looking at I do not really understand the differences between WMS, WFS, WCS, and WPS. Can somebody please explain the differences between them?

wms wfs wps wcs  
asked by Harold Chan 54 votes
answered by Fezter 53 votes

Difference between WMTS and WMS?

What is the main difference between a Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) and a Web Map Service (WMS) When should you choose one over the other? What are the (dis)advantages by choosing one ...

wms wmts  
asked by Edward van Raak 66 votes
answered by AndreJ 46 votes

Labels not appearing on any layer in ArcMap?

Not sure what the issue is, but I'm unable to get labels to display in ArcMap 10. The obvious things are accounted for (as far as I know). Labels are set in Properties, layers are checked to label in ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-10.0 labeling  
asked by Jacques Tardie 15 votes
answered by Jacques Tardie 3 votes

Formula to convert xy to long-lat coordinates given a point

I need to figure out how to convert my xy coordinates to longitude and latitude. I do not need the exact conversion, just an approximate so I can plot it in a mapping API. I managed to estimate the ...

asked by curious kid 2 votes
answered by Sir Adelaide 4 votes

Can you answer these questions?

st_union of set of polygons result in polygon with very small holes

I have a problem with a polygon dataset. Due to the way it is produced (union of small Voronois) there are not always nodes at the same position in the common border between two adjacent polygons. ...

postgis postgresql  
asked by Arendjan van der Neut 1 vote

The emissivity of snow

I try to use the NDVI Based Emissivity Method to calculate the LSE. But the function almost applied over surfaces composed by soil and vegetation. Over surfaces like water, ice, or snow did not ...

remote-sensing landsat ndvi  
asked by jun pia 1 vote

Control RasterAsPointCollection plotting granularity for the GeoServer in SDL file?

I am using the geoserver to create windcharts. This works perfectly fine, except that the data is not plotted in a clean grid, i.e. the granularity of the wind barbs along the vertical axis is a lot ...

raster geoserver sld  
asked by Tobi 1 vote
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