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Jan 23 '20 at 20:40 comment added FelixIP Not sure I can make it more clear, sorry. Perhaps increase flow accumulation threshold and skip stream order. Just derive them using flow direction and raster after threshold.
Jan 23 '20 at 4:51 comment added Nic Hertzler Hi FelixIP, thanks for your answer. I just now went back through and followed the instructions again word for word. I still came up with the same result; a "stretched" raster rather than one with unique values. I decided to follow through the rest of the steps to output a shapefile, and what I got was not a shapefile that defined ridges, but one that haphazardly define almost the entire DEM extent. Would you be able to share screengrabs of the settings you used at each step? I really am unsure at which point in the process I am going astray.
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