I created the following "trial.py":

import arcpy

#Get Name
Name = str(arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0))

Then I created a toolbox using ArcCatalog and then added a script, pointed the above script file. When I run from the ArcMap/Catalog by double clicking on the script name, it wont give a prompt/dialog to enter the user name. It just says "This tool has no parameters".

What does "0" in arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0) mean?

After getting the user input, I want to pass that parameter to a SQL query on a shapefile, and zoom the map to that location.

  • Update 1:

Do I need to set parameter in the properties sheet?

enter image description here

  • Update 2:

How do I focus the cursor on the text box so that I don't have to click on the text box using mouse?

Is there anything in Python like tab order in VB?

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GetParameterAsText retrieves information from toolbox parameters. Look here for how toolbox parameters work.

Look here and here on how to use variables in a SQL statement.


Getting user input is not really what arcpy does, if you use something like raw_input() in python the geoprocessor will either ignore it or have a melt down.. There is not a method I know of that will ask the user a question and get a response. This you can do with other libraries like PyWin; there are other packages with their own issues and benefits.

As for getting parameters from the tool to the script I've found that sys.argv[1] works just fine. Read about it here http://www.pythonforbeginners.com/system/python-sys-argv.

If you want to implement zooming map functionality consider arcgis addins. They come in python flavor, or you can use windows forms from C# or VB.net.

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