I have been trying to install my own CartoDB server for a few weeks.

I succeeded to install each part with no error (after few corrections) with this tutorial. Make check with CartoDB-SQL-API and Windshaft-CartoDB are ok!

I can import data : when I am in my dashboard, I can see my file with its 193 rows.

But when I try to see the table, the message "Error loading rows, check your SQL query" appears. All columns of my file are here but empty.

I try to click on Map View, which give me the following error : "There is a problem with your connection".

The view is already focused on the area which contains my data.

  • I have the same problem, did you find a solution ?
    – G.T.
    Commented Jun 12, 2014 at 13:21

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I faced this issue while forgotting to change the variable module.exports.node_host in my development environment file from '' to 'development.localhost.lan'.

I am not using the service from the server itself (localhost), so this was preventing the CartoDBSqlApi work correctly.


Following setting should fix this problem.

change tiler_port, sql_port in your app_config.yml to"8181", "8080" respectively.

tiler_port:    "8181"
sql_port:     "8080"

And host in windshaft and module.exports.node_host in sql-api config files to empty.

host: ‘’

module.exports.node_host: ‘’ // so the tiler and sql api listens to all IP address

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