So I am currently writing an application using the ArcGIS JavaScript API, and I want to access the map object that is held inside of my div from a js module I have. I was thinking it would be a simple JQuery call but it doesn't seem to be the case, as when I try to use map.centerAndZoom(), it states that it is not a member of the object that returned by that call.

Is there anyway to be able to reference the map object that was created in my main index.html elsewhere?

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After further research, I don't believe it is possible. Instead, I created a global variable to access the map that way.

map = new Map()

instead of

var map = new Map()


I'm not an expert on this, so this may not be best-practise - I'll defer to more expert programmers to come up with a better approach.

But what I usually do is create a single global JSON object and hitch everything off this. eg:

var myObject = {};
myObject.map = new Map("map", {.....});
myObject.layers = {.....};

You can access this object using window.myObject:

  • I ended up just using map = new Map() instead of var map = new Map(). Making it global seemed to do the trick. Jun 10, 2014 at 3:48

On Web Appbuilder created apps a global variable window._viewerMap is created by MapManager.js -> _publishMapEvent

I have not tested this on other JSAPI applications.

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