I have a shape file, I opened it in QGIS that has columns in attribute table named


and I have a database table in Posqgresql that has columns named

  • gid (primary key), city_name, population, geom

Database colums are lowercased names, is this is a problem?

And I want to load shapefile data in existing postgresql database table via shp2pgsql.

shp2pgsql "file.shp" public.cities | -U postgres -a mydb

gives error, Why this error occuring I did not understand. I am giving parameters right.

enter image description here

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For whatever reasons, the geom column is trying to get into the gid column, hence the error.

If the target is an empty table, you can use the -d option to drop the table and automatically create one as per requirements.

shp2pgsql -d "file.shp" public.cities | -U postgres -a mydb

If the table contains data and if you are not sure how the fresh contents are coming in, it is a good idea to import the shapefile into a new table(using option -c), verify contents and then append the required data to your original table.

shp2pgsql -c "file.shp" public.tempcities | -U postgres -a mydb

Hope this helps!

  • This worked, but there is new problem now. I am copying temp table into main table. But gid is not auto increament. So I could not insert new data beacause of PK duplication.
    – barteloma
    Jun 9, 2014 at 8:49
  • You are probably having a plain numeric field as primary key (gid).
    – veer
    Jun 10, 2014 at 12:19

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