I have two shapefiles and two rasters. I need to develop a map in Geoserver (ver. 2.0.2) with those 4 elements. They should be like layers which I can turn on or off. I added them on Geoserver like .shp files and WorldImage file. I edited styles of shp files in uDig. When I click on Layer Preview I see those 4 elements, but I can see every element separately. I want to develop map which will have all 4 elements like layers. What is the next step to develop that kind of a map? Also, I would be thankful if you give me some links on tutorials about Geoserver, except those on official site. Sorry for my bad english. Thank you.


I recommend working through lessons 7 & 8 of my Web Mapping Course. Lesson 8 will answer your question about building a client using OpenLayers.


Give a glance for this http://khayer.wordpress.com/ site too. It is with good working examples.

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