I'm setting up an published arcreader file, and was searching for a way to add a date/time stamp to the printed map.

Is there a way to add a dynamic text box to a published pmf file that will show the date that the map was opened?


Only by using an OLE Object (MS Word with Date and Time) when published the object becomes static.


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I've not got access to Publisher to test at the moment but "The Publisher Map Title is a single text element" so perhaps try putting some dynamic text formatting into it like:

Date: <dyn type="date" format="dd MMM yy"/>
Time: <dyn type="time" format="HH.mm.ss"/>

Do this before you publish the map and it may carry through to the PMF (but no guarantees).

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  • @PolyGeos method worked for me!! – TsvGis Jan 11 '16 at 0:51
  • @TsvGis Thanks for letting me know - I still have not had a chance to test with ArcGIS Publisher. – PolyGeo Jan 11 '16 at 1:01

While kind of kludgy, I have been able to get dynamic text into a published map (.pmf file) using ArcGIS 9.3.1 and MS Access. Note that while it works for published maps, it won't work for packaged/exported maps & datasets. As a read-only viewer on a company network, it works well.

Briefly, I create a point shapefile with one data point falling somehwere in my final layout viewframe. I symbolize the point to be transparant and/or not visible. I create a single attribute field with a unique ID.

In MS Access I create a new db with a single table and a single view/query. The table has a single field with the same value as the unique ID for the shapefile - to be able to join. The query is built to include the unique ID as well as a current date calculation. The SQL text looks like this... "SELECT DateLink.ID, Now() AS CurDate FROM DateLink".

Back in ArcGIS the shapefile is joined to the query, adding a CurDate field to the shape. Lable the point with the CurDate value. As this is pulling from a query, it's dynamic. This lable link is preserved when the project is published to PMF. Every time the layout view in the published document is refreshed, the CurDate value is updated.

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