Consider the following scenario:

  1. The end user is running an in-house build Windows desktop client that uses the ArcgGIS WPF library for rendering ArcGIS maps.
  2. The end user is authenticated via Windows authentication.
  3. Now I want the client to acquire an access token for the REST services without prompting the end user for his/her username/password. That is, given that the end user is already logged in via Windows AD, the client should be able to acquire an access token with NTLM/Kerberos or what ever it is Windows authentication is using.
  4. The acquired token is then send to an in-house web service which will then access the ArcGIS REST services with the token and thus impersonating the end user without knowing either username or password (this web service is not part of the Windows domain).

Is that possible? How?

The server is "ArcGIS REST API for 10.1 SP1".

I am the client/server programmer - not the ArcGIS administrator :-)

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It turns out that this is not possible. ArcGIS can authenticate by Windows Authentication OR token authentication - but not both at the same time. So there is no way to obtain a token using Windows Authentication.

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