I want to buy server on (Hetzner or other) for host the OpenLayers map on site. Well, I do not understand what the performance should be the server. I know that it depends on many factors (size, format, cache and etc), but how can I calculate it? For example.

  • 20 GB data TIFF, cache 3GB png

And what other factors should I consider?

I think the use of a ArcGIS server, QGIS or other doesn't matter. Thanks

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The expression "host the OpenLayers map on site" isn't much clear as using OpenLayers is more a client side topic: OpenLayers is a JavaScript library and works on the browser.

Using OpenLayers doesn't depend in any way on the hosting machine.

So I assume you would like to set up a geographic server.

The things you should care about are:

  • processing power (CPU), which is needed to create map tiles and/or query data
  • RAM, which allows many processes to work in parallel and is linked to CPU
  • disk storage is important if you intend to have your server store a large number of tiles (a WMS server)
  • bandwidth, necessary to have your tiles served fast

I never used ArcGIS Server nor QGIS Server (I'm using GeoServer) but the above mentioned aspects should anyway be considered.

I would suggest renting a hourly based low performance virtual machine for testing and then eventually upgrade it based on the outcome.


Something I didn't mention before but I think is relevant to the whole question is: "How many concurrent users is the app going to serve?".

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