I am new to ArcGIS and I am trying to create a choropleth map to display ratio values for different countries.

I believe that my basemap will need to have a country layer so that the shading of country polygons will be possible but I don't understand how to link this with my data.

Will the world topographic map have an attribute table for the country layer in which I can add a new column containing my ratio values or do I need to create and import an excel file contains this information? If I need to create an excel sheet how do I link this so that the country polygons fill to represent the ratio values?

I have found some useful tutorials to show how I can view layer properties and select quantities from the symbology tab however I don't understand have to get my data to this stage.

Please can someone point me in the right direction



You can use the Join Field method to link your non spatial table (excel sheet), to your country layer. You will need a common joining column between the two tables (in your case it will probably be something like country name). Once you perform the join I would recommend to export your joined layer to a new feature class, which you can then set your cloropleth rendering on (Layer Properties>Symbology>Quantities).

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