I am trying to Italicize a scientific name in my legend (ArcMap 10.2). I can not figure out how to Italicize one word only without having the rest of the description being italicized as well. Is it possible to italicize only one word in a legend description?


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Yes it is, but there's a bit of work to it.

The article in the previous answer related to text description fields which can be edited and entered manually for each symbol class: Description added

These are automatically italic and their font can be changed without affecting the layer name or symbol classes.

If you want to italicize only one word in a symbol class you can use formatting tags: Layer name format tags

In this example I changed the layer name to Features <ITA><BOL>Using Formatting Tags</BOL></ITA> and you can easily change just one word: format tags back to normal

This time the layer name is Features <ITA><BOL>(Format)</BOL></ITA> Back to normal.

For multiple classes you can still use formatting tags: Classes symbology tab

Change the label in the symbology tab. The value is not editable but the label is, this generates a legend that looks like this:

Classes symbology legend

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