I have project in ESPG:4326 with 2 layers (both in 4326), and map print layout. I've chosen current extent for layout map. Map is centered and prints as I expect.

Next, I access this object via python console


And it's not in 4326. For Carlsruhe GE I've got POLYGON(( 932814.23699999996460974 6276112.49500000011175871, 934971.30599999998230487 6276112.49500000011175871, 934971.30599999998230487 6277610.67700000014156103, 932814.23699999996460974 6277610.67700000014156103, 932814.23699999996460974 6276112.49500000011175871))

How could I get CRS of print layout map object extent?

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