I have a netcdf (.nc) file of 95GB which consisted of daily data for a 50 years period. I tried to process this with ArcGIS (Multidimension tools – MakeNetCDFRasterLayer command) and it was not functioned. Then I tried with QGIS by adding .nc file as a raster layer and ‘save as’ as Gtiff. This also crashed at the middle of the process. .nc file data are in daily basis and I want to create separate monthly raster layers by using daily data. Can someone help me solve this?


One way to do this would be to use the NCO tools to do the averaging. Something like this should work to do two months:

ncwa -a time -d time,"2010-01-01 01:00","2010-02-01" -O -D 1 $url mean_01.nc
ncwa -a time -d time,"2010-02-01 01:00","2010-03-01" -O -D 1 $url mean_02.nc
ncea -O mean01.nc mean02.nc test.nc

For 50 years, obviously you would do this as a loop using shell or python. Note that NCO can be difficult to build, so definitely check out the binaries page. There is a native Windows build there, in addition to Mac and Linux.

Another way would be to just write a little python program using NetCDF4-Python, since that's included in the ESRI Multidimentional Supplemental Tools

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